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River Herring: Open for Harvest​

You’re invited to​ River Herring: Open for Harvest​

Hosted by Alewife Harvesters of Maine​

When: Thursday September 14th from 9​:00 ​am – 3​:00 ​pm

Where: Jeff’s Catering in Brewer

For meeting documents contact Sarah Madronal, sarah@mainesalmonrivers.org or follow this link.

Join us for a day focused on river herring restoration work and other efforts to open river herring runs for harvest in Maine. Come hear about restoration success stories as well as past and current efforts to open harvest runs across the state. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss what success looks like for river herring restoration and explore how we can get there together as individuals, communities, organizations and government with shared knowledge of all of the issues, management practices, and mutually understood expectations for next steps to open river herring harvests and continue river restoration work. Mike Brown, Department of Marine Resources, will give a presentation on the how to’s and current management practices of opening a river herring harvest run with ​a facilitated ​question​ and answer period. All are welcome​ and we encourage all who are involved in the river herring fishery in Maine to come and share their experiences opening or continuing river herring harvests​.

Alewife Harvesters of Maine would like to thank our partners for sponsoring this meeting including, ​Department of Marine ​Resources, Downeast Fisheries Partnership, Downeast Salmon Federation, and Maine​ Center for Coastal ​Fisheries.​


9:00                 Welcome and Focus for the Day – Jeff Pierce, AHOM

9:10                 Working Together Today

Develop Working Agreements

9:15                 Making Restoration Happen

Panel members reflect on their experiences restoring runs

  • Panelists: Nate Gray (DMR), Anne Hayden (DFP), Jeff Pierce (AHOM), Dwayne Shaw (DSF), and Mike Thalhauser (MCCF)

10:30               Stretch break

10:45               Identify What Leads to Success

Break into table discussions with panel members around the questions:

  1. What does success look like? How do we define it?
  2. What can we learn from our collective experiences about:
    1. The elements that fuel success?
    2. The roadblocks?
  3. What are the big statewide questions that we want to answer?

Table facilitators will write responses on flip charts and post them

11:35               The Story of Opening a Recent River Herring Run – Darrell Young

12:00               Buffett lunch

12:45               Process and Regulations for Setting up a River Herring Run

Mike Brown, DMR –  Presentation (30 minutes), Q & A including topics from the morning session (45 minutes)

2:00                 Identify Major Elements of What Success Looks Like

From the table discussions and Darrell’s Donnell Pond project, summarize what we are aiming for and how we can incorporate into existing/future projects

2:30                 Common Understanding of Next Steps and Accountability

What needs to happen next?  Who will do what?  How will accountability work?

2:50                 Closing Remarks – Jeff Pierce, AHOM

3:00                 Conclude

Please contact Sarah Madronal for more information​ and RSVP to sarah@mainesalmonrivers.org​. Feel free to share this meeting announcement with anyone who may be interested.

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