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Perry Fishery

Source: Maine ASMFC River Herring Sustainable Fishing Plan 

The Maine Department of Marine Resources manages this system for a commercial escapement of 35 fish per acre. The spawning escapement need for this system is 59,570 river herring passed upstream through a three day per week closure in the fishery. The management plan has achieved the target escapement developed for this system 90% of the time during the past 20-year period or passed the entire run.  This fishery is has significant issues with beaver dams that restrict upstream and downstream migration throughout the season.  Fish that escape the commercial fishery may, or may not, reach spawning habitat depending on water conditions. Boyden Lake is a municipal water supply operated by the Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe.  Fluctuating water levels during upstream and downstream migrations influence the number of annual returns.  The system is responsive when spawning fish are able to access the pond.  There is no spawning habitat below the dam for either species of river herring.  Low water flows that fail to attract fish to the stream or fishway are the main obstacles to producing a larger run.   Commercial harvest did not occur for several years prior to 2004.