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Jefferson Fishery

Source: Maine ASMFC River Herring Sustainable Fishing Plan 

The Maine Department of Marine Resources manages this system for a commercial escapement of 35 fish per acre. The spawning escapement need for this system is 14,875 river herring passed upstream through a three day closed period per week throughout the season. The management plan has achieved returns to meet the target escapement developed for this system or passed the entire run during each year for the past 20-year period. This fishery is typical of the smaller commercial river herring fisheries in Maine. The outlet stream from dyer-long Pond is a small coastal tributary to the lower Sheepscot River.  This stream is heavily is impacted by beaver activity in the fall that delay downstream passage and obstruct upstream passage the following spring if the dams are not breached or spring flows do not overtop the dams.

The river herring run into Dyer-Long Pond is entirely alewife.  Blueback herring are not present in the commercial catches or samples collected by field staff.  There is no spawning habitat below the fishway for blueback herring or alewife.  Poaching along the stream is a problem at times during the spring migration.  The stream is easily accessible at several points along its course to the Sheepscot River.